Welcome to Inkbite Designs.

India, a land of rich and sunbathed colours woven
intricately into every graceful knot of her evolution.
The colours present a reflection of the beauty
brought to life with the sun shining.

A simple thought to express the delicate Indian art and designs
in bright hues and a lively tone gave birth to Inkbite.

I strive to make Inkbite Designs your one stop shop for bright and joyful designs,
patterns and loads of other digital scrapbooking resources in colours that you will love.
Drop me an email at designs.inkbite@gmail.com, or convo me via etsy, if you need to customize an order.

Your feedback is valued as much as your visit with Inkbite;
I am counting on you to spread the word and spread the magic of Inkbite.

Visit my Etsy Shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/InkBiteDesign
Follow me on facebook for coupons, updates and freebies - https://www.facebook.com/pages/InkBite-Designs/187053218069914

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